Chemicals covered by the REACh and CLP Regulations

Expert Committee

The task of the Expert Committee (CES) on "Chemicals covered by the REACh and CLP Regulations" is to provide ANSES with scientific, technical and socio-economic support for its missions in the context of the following Regulations:

  • regulation (EC) no.1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals (known as the REACh Regulation), and the restrictions applying to these chemicals and preparations;
  • regulation (EC) no.1272/2008 concerning Classification, Labelling and Packaging (known as the CLP Regulation).

Mandate 2021-2024

Chair: Christophe MINIER

Vice-Chair: Fabrizio PARISELLI


  • Isabelle BILLAULT
  • Christophe CALVAYRAC
  • Gwenaël CORBEL
  • Richard DANIELLOU
  • Franck-Olivier DENAYER
  • Laure GEOFFROY
  • René HABERT
  • Philippe JUVIN
  • Ludovic LE HEGARAT
  • Nicolas LOISEAU
  • Laura MAXIM (until 24 January 2022)
  • Vincent RICHARD
  • Bernard SALLES
  • Paule VASSEUR
  • Catherine VIGUIE

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