Healthcare professionals: how to report an adverse health event


You are a healthcare professional and you wish to report an adverse event occurring in a patient following consumption of a food supplement, a novel food, a fortified food or a food product for a special dietary use?  The nutrivigilance scheme was created in order to enable the reporting of adverse events in conjunction with these products. The reports registered by ANSES fully ensure consumer anonymity. They are analysed by the Agency’s nutritional vigilance unit with the support of its experts.


You can also report adverse events occurring after consumption of these types of products via the Reporting portal of the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (in French).


Veterinary pharmacovigilance

You are a veterinarian, pharmacist or physician and you wish to report an adverse event following administration of a veterinary medicinal product to an animal (the event may involve the treated animal or the person having administered the treatment).


For more information, please visit our Veterinary pharmacovigilance web page.


If you:

  • hold a marketing authorisation, you are a manufacturer, importer, distributor or professional user of a plant protection product, or you are an advisor or trainer in the use of plant protection products, or
  • are a physician, pharmacist or veterinarian, and you wish to report an adverse reaction linked to the use of a plant protection substance or product,

We invite you to learn more by visiting our Phytopharmacovigilance web page.



You are a healthcare professional and you wish to report a case of poisoning following contact with a household or gardening product (cleaning substance, pesticide, rat poison, etc.), a DIY product (paint, glue, essence, etc.), an item of apparel (clothing, shoes, etc.) or furniture, or following exposure to a botanical substance found in the environment (berry, mushroom, plant, etc.).



Occupational health

You are a healthcare professional and you wish to report a new occupational disease (“emerging pathology”): contact an Occupational pathology consultation centre (CCPP) which can file a report with the National Network for the Monitoring and Prevention of Occupational Diseases (rnv3p).


  • Find out more on our rnv3p page
  • Lists and contact information for the Occupational pathology consultation centres (CCPPs) (coming soon)