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Marta Hugas appointed Chair of ANSES’s Scientific Board

On 7 December 2023, by order of the French Ministers for Health, Agriculture, the Environment, Consumer Affairs, and Labour, Marta Hugas was appointed Chair of ANSES’s Scientific Board, which was set up in April 2023 and is now open to Europe and the rest of the world. Her term will run for a period of three years.

Marta Hugas holds a Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, a Master’s degree in genetics and microbial biotechnology, and a PhD in food microbiology. As an independent international expert, she provides policy makers as well as various scientific and research planning organisations with advice in the areas of food safety, food systems, and sustainability.

During her career, she has held a number of scientific and management positions at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). In 2023, she was appointed to the Scientific Advisory Committee that works with the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub to help it achieve the Millennium Development Goals. She has also published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, professional publications, and reviews and abstracts of scientific studies.

Marta Hugas’s experience at EFSA and the IRTA research institute in Spain has given her a clear understanding of the challenges facing ANSES in terms of scientific expertise and a comprehensive approach to risks. Her skills will be an asset in her role as Chair of ANSES’s Scientific Board, which was recently renewed to include international researchers and experts.

ANSES’s Scientific Board functions as an independent body, to guarantee the excellence of the Agency’s expert appraisals and the consistency of its scientific work. Human food and nutrition, environmental health, occupational health, animal health and welfare, animal nutrition, veterinary medicinal products, plant health and protection: the Scientific Board’s work covers all of the Agency’s missions, while respecting the pluralism and independence of its expert appraisals.

During the previous mandate of ANSES’s Scientific Board, Professor Isabella Momas served as its Chair.

Marta Hugas
Chair of ANSES’s Scientific Board

I feel very honoured for the confidence of my colleagues in electing me as chair of the ANSES scientific board as the board is composed of excellent scientists from France and from all the EU. I commit to serve the board with the great support of ANSES management.

Marta Hugas
Chair of ANSES’s Scientific Board