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Contamination of air by pesticides

Updated on 29/09/2020

Air pollution caused by pesticides is one of the components of atmospheric pollution. However, it is still less well documented than the contamination of water or food by these same substances. There is currently no national surveillance plan or regulatory value for pesticide contamination of the various air environments (outdoor and indoor air). Because improving air quality is a major public health issue, a national plan for the reduction of atmospheric pollutant emissions (PREPA) has been implemented as a roadmap for achieving this, through some 50 actions. These include the national exploratory campaign to measure pesticides in outdoor air (CNEP), led by ANSES alongside Ineris and the AASQA network, with a view to establishing permanent targeted monitoring at national level.

Keywords : Pesticides, Indoor air, Outdoor air (ambient)

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The article has been added to your library