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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

Animal health and nutrition

Like human health, animal health may be threatened by various pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites), some of which can also affect human health (zoonoses). ANSES contributes to the prevention and control of the major and emerging animal diseases affecting both farm animals and wildlife, and in doing so participates in the protection of public health.

The Agency assesses the health and nutritional risks of animal feed, the benefits of the products used, the treatment processes and the risks to humans of the consumption of animal-based foodstuffs. Via the French Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products, ANSES is also the competent French authority for the assessment and management of veterinary medicinal product risks.

COVID-19 cannot be transmitted by either farm animals or domestic animals

When asked about potential transmission of the COVID-19 disease via contaminated domestic animals or food, ANSES urgently convened an expert group to answer this question. On the basis of their report, the Agency concluded that in light of the scientific knowledge available, there is no evidence that pets and livestock play a role in the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing this disease. Any transmission through food would therefore necessarily ...

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Published on 11/03/2020

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