Declare a stock shortage of a veterinary medicinal product to the market

A stock shortage is defined as the impossibility for a person entitled to source a veterinary medicinal product on the national market.

A shortage shall be assessed as critical when it is likely to cause a risk to animal health and welfare, or even indirectly to human health.

Shortages likely to be critical must be reported to the Anses-ANMV by the operating laboratories as upstream as possible before they occur, in order to study potential alternatives.

In order to be able to ensure up-to-date information, it is essential that the holders or their representatives update as necessary the information provided during the declaration, in particular during the postponement of planned replenishments and also to systematically confirm returns to the market as soon as they become effective.

Statement form and follow-up of shortages

Any declaration of stock shortage should be sent to the inspection, surveillance and pharmacovigilance department on the mailbox: DQ_ANMV@anses.fr