Market surveillance

Once marketing authorisation (MA) has been issued, and in addition to the pharmacovigilance scheme, the ANMV monitors the veterinary medicinal products market. The Market Surveillance unit, within the Inspection, Market Surveillance and Pharmacovigiclance department, fulfils this surveillance mission through the following control and supervision activities.

Quality control of authorised veterinary medicinal products is carried out by the ANMV laboratory. Every year, a control programme is drawn up based on a risk analysis. Medicinal products on the market are taken from wholesalers and analysed to ensure that they comply with the specifications validated in the MA. Leaflets and labels for authorised medicinal products, as well as updates, are also checked.
Reported quality defects are managed and monitored by means of a risk analysis, which may lead to batch recalls at the various stages of the distribution chain.
Stock shortages of veterinary medicinal products are reported to the Agency by manufacturers for a joint assessment of their criticality, monitoring and the identification of possible alternatives.
Advertisements for veterinary medicinal products must be systematically submitted to the ANMV and some of them may be subject to prior authorisation.
Legal classification of "borderline" products on the market serves to identify whether products fall within the scope of veterinary medicinal product regulations or other regulations such as those on biocides, animal feed, etc.
Work on the mapping of therapeutic gaps by animal species is continuing, with the organisation of meetings by sector to monitor developments. The aim is to seek therapeutic solutions to resolve these gaps by working with all stakeholders within the French animal health network (RFSA).
Each year, ANMV publishes an annual overall report on surveillance of the veterinary medicinal product market in France (see annual report 2018), and presents the results obtained from inspection of veterinary pharmaceutical establishments, pharmacovigilance and market surveillance.
The surveillance system for veterinary medicinal products developed in recent years by ANMV ensures that the veterinary medicinal products placed on the French market meet criteria relating to quality, safety and effectiveness. In this respect, the detection tools and systems developed have now proved their worth.
However, these tools can only function with the active participation of all the players in the veterinary medicinal product chain, and require the mobilisation and contribution of all.
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