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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

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Updated on 08/09/2016

Import of veterinary medicinal products

Information to applicants

Keywords : Veterinary medicinal products

If no veterinary medicinal product suitable for the intended treatment has been approved by ANSES in France or by the European Commission (Centralised Marketing Authorisation), veterinarians can use a medicinal product authorised for use in another Member State of the European Union. Prior import authorisation from ANSES is however required.

Import for therapeutic purposes can also be requested by a pharmacist, or by an individual for a non-prescription medicinal product.

Veterinary pharmaceutical establishments can, for economic reasons, apply for so-called parallel import authorisations for medicinal products that are approved and marketed in another Member State, provided that they present very similar characteristics to a medicinal product already approved for sale in France. These products must be re-labelled in French before they are marketed in this country.

Administrative Guidance Notes – Import (documents dated July 2010)


Procedure documentation
Import for therapeutic use
Parallel import
Import for investigational use or reexport