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Plant protection products, biocides and fertilisers

Plant protection products and biocides are used by professionals and individuals on harmful organisms to destroy, deter or render them harmless. Before they can be placed on the market, the Agency is responsible for assessing the effectiveness of these products and the risks associated with their use. It also assesses fertilisers and growing media.

Regarding marketing authorisations, these are issued on the basis of the findings of the scientific risk assessment, by ANSES for plant protection products, fertilisers and growing media and their adjuvants, and also for biocides.

The Agency also monitors residues of these products in food and the environment, and the emergence of resistance to these products. At the same time, ANSES supports the French authorities in the implementation of the European REACh and CLP Regulations, relating to chemical substances. In this context, it proposes priorities to the responsible ministries regarding the evaluation, authorisation and restriction, and the classification and labelling of chemical substances, and compiles dossiers for the identified substances.

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Published on 16/11/2021

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Plant protection products

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Plant protection products

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