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French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety

Networks and projects in which ANSES participates

The Agency contributes to the prevention of health risks by collecting and analysing information that enables the anticipation, early detection and characterisation of abnormal or unusual events. It provides monitoring, alerts and information for the public and private bodies involved.

ANSES carries out its monitoring mission by performing health surveillance and vigilance, as well as a scientific and technical watch, within its fields of competence.

The Agency is thus involved in different types of networks: monitoring networks, vigilance networks, and also research networks and working partnerships. It manages, runs or collaborates in networks for the collection and synthesis of data relating to factors likely to have an impact on health or dietary risks.

The Agency thus coordinates the MED-VET-NET network, a European Network of Excellence set up to strengthen the prevention and control of zoonoses.

It also manages the Salmonella network, whose objective is to describe, collect and characterise, at national level, the Salmonella serovars of non-human origin isolated in different sectors, in order to identify trends and track their evolution through space and time.

It coordinates the Résapath network, which is responsible for monitoring antimicrobial resistance in bacteria pathogenic for animals.

It is a member of the French Network of Animal Health (RFSA), a national version of the International Federation for Animal Health Europe.

In addition to its participation in networks, the Agency is involved in various national, European and international projects. For example, it coordinates the European project TDS Exposure, which aims to harmonise the monitoring of dietary exposure to chemical contaminants.

In addition, together with the Directorate General for Health, it also coordinates JANPA, the European Joint Action whose objective is to curb the increase of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents by 2020, and, on the basis of the French experience with Oqali, is leading a workpackage on "Monitoring nutritional information and promoting the reformulation of foods".


The various networks and projects in which ANSES is involved: