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Publications du laboratoire de sécurité des aliments

Liste des publications 2020 pour le site de Boulogne-sur-Mer

Dupouy-Camet, J., Gay, M., Houin, M., 2020. De nouvelles habitudes alimentaires, de nouveaux risques parasitaires : l’exemple du poisson. Bulletin de l'Académie Nationale de Médecine, 204(9) : 1010-1016.

Kazour, M., Jemaa, S., El Rakwe, M., Duflos, G., Hermabassiere, L., Dehaut, A., Le Bihanic, F., Cachot, J., Cornille, V., Rabhi, K., Khalaf, G., Amara, R., 2018. Juvenile fish caging as a tool for assessing microplastics contamination in estuarine fish nursery grounds. Environmental Science and Pollution Research;

Li, L.-L., Amara, R., Souissi, S., Dehaut, A., Duflos, G., Monchy, S., 2020. Impacts of microplastics exposure on mussel (Mytilus edulis) gut microbiota. Science of The Total Environment, 141018.

Hermabessiere, L., Receveur, J., Himber, C., Mazurais, D., Huvet, A., Lagarde, F., Lambert, C., Paul-Pont, I., Dehaut, A., Jézéquel, R., Soudant, P., Duflos, G., 2020. An Irgafos® 168 story: when the ubiquity of an additive prevents studying its leaching from plastics. Science of the Total Environment 749, 141651.

Dehaut, A., Hermabassiere, L., Duflos, G., 2020. Microplastics Detection Using Pyrolysis-GC/MS-Based Methods. Springer Nature Switzerland 1-35.

Gantois, N., Lamot, A., Seesao, Y., Creusy, C., Li, L., Monchy, S., Benamrouz-Vanneste, S., Karpouzopoulos, J., Bourgain, J.L., Rault, C., Demaret, F., Baydoun, M., Chabé, M., Fréalle, E., Aliouat-Denis, C.M., Gay, M., Certad, G., Viscogliosi, E. (2020) First report on the prevalence and subtype distribution of Blastocystis sp. in edible marine fish and marine mammals: a large scale-study conducted in Atlantic Northeast and on the coasts of Northern France. Microorganisms, 8, 460.

Palma, F., Brauge, T., Radomski, N., Mallet, L., Felten, A., Mistou, MY, Brisabois, A., Guillier, L., Midelet-Bourdin, G., 2020. Dynamics of mobile genetic elements of Listeria monocytogenes persisting in ready-to-eat seafood processing plants in France.  BMC Génomics 21(1) 130.

Brauge, T., Faille, C., Leleu, G., Denis, C., Hanin, A., Midelet, G., 2020. Treatment with disinfectants may induce an increase in viable but non culturable populations of Listeria monocytogenes in biofilms formed in smoked salmon processing environments. Food Microbiology, 92 103548.

Faille, C., Brauge, T., Leleu, G., Hanin, A., Denis, C., Midelet, G., 2020.  Comparison of the performance of the biofilm sampling methods (swab, sponge, contact agar) in the recovery of Listeria monocytogenes populations considering the seafood environment conditions. International Journal of Food Microbiology  325,108626

Brauge, T., Barre, L., Leleu, G., André, S.,  Denis, C., Hanin, A., Frémaux, B., Guilbaud, M., Herry, JM, Oulahal, N., Anger, B., Soumet, C., Midelet, G., European survey and evaluation of sampling methods recommended by the standard en ISO 18593 for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes and Pseudomonas fluorescens on industrial surfaces. FEMS Microbiology Letters 367(7).

Copin, S., Mougin, J., Raguenet, V., Robert-Pillot, A., Midelet, G., Grard, T., Bonnin-Jusserand, M., 2020. Ethidium and propidium monoazide: comparison of potential toxicity on Vibrio sp. viability. Letters in Applied Microbiology (in press).

Mougin, J., Flahaut, C., Roquigny, R., Bonnin-Jusserand, M., Grard, T. et Le Bris, C. (2020) Rapid Identification of Vibrio Species of the Harveyi Clade Using MALDI-TOF MS Profiling With Main Spectral Profile Database Implemented With an In-House Database: Luvibase. Frontiers in Microbiology 11, 2494.

Roquigny, R., Mougin, J., Le Bris, C., Bonnin-Jusserand, M., Doyen, P. et Grard, T. (2020) Characterization of the marine aquaculture microbiome: A seasonal survey in a seabass farm. Aquaculture, p 735987.

Mahony, J., Frantzen, C., Vinogradov, E., Sadovskaya, I., Theodorou, I., Kelleher, P., Chapot-Chartier, M.-P., Cambillau, C., Holo, H. et van Sinderen, D. (2020) The CWPS Rubik’s cube: Linking diversity of cell wall polysaccharide structures with the encoded biosynthetic machinery of selected Lactococcus lactis strains. Mol Microbiol.

Guerardel, Y., Sadovskaya, I., Maes, E., Furlan, S., Chapot-Chartier, M.-P., Mesnage, S., Rigottier-Gois, L. et Serror, P. (2020) Complete Structure of the Enterococcal Polysaccharide Antigen (EPA) of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecalis V583 Reveals that EPA Decorations Are Teichoic Acids Covalently Linked to a Rhamnopolysaccharide Backbone. mBio 11, 2.

Pan, Y. J., Déposé, E., Souissi, A., Hénard, S., Schaadt, M., Mastro, E. et Souissi, S. (2020) Assessments of first feeding protocols on the larviculture of California grunion Leuresthes tenuis (Osteichthyes: Atherinopsidae). Aquaculture Research. 51, pp 3054-3058.

Cléach, J., Soret, M., Grard, T. et Lencel, P. (2020) Assessment of fish freshness based on fluorescence measurement of mitochondrial membrane potential. Food Control 115, p 107301.

McDonnell, B., Hanemaaijer, L., Bottacini, F., Kelleher, P., Lavelle, K., Sadovskaya, I., Vinogradov, E., Ver Loren van Themaat, E., Kouwen, T., Mahony, J. et van Sinderen, D. (2020) A cell wall-associated polysaccharide is required for bacteriophage adsorption to the Streptococcus thermophilus cell surface. Molecular Microbiology, 114, pp 31-45.

Mougin, J., Roquigny, R., Travers, M.-A., Grard, T., Bonnin-Jusserand, M. et Le Bris, C. (2020) Development of a mreB-targeted real-time PCR method for the quantitative detection of Vibrio harveyi in seawater and biofilm from aquaculture systems. Aquaculture, p 735337.

Theodorou, I., Courtin, P., Sadovskaya, I., Palussière, S., Fenaille, F., Mahony, J., Chapot-Chartier, M.-P. et van Sinderen, D. (2020) Three distinct glycosylation pathways are involved in the decoration of Lactococcus lactis cell wall glycopolymers. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 295, pp 5519-5532.

Liste des publications 2020 pour le site de Maisons-Alfort

Arnich, N., E. Abadie, N. Delcourt, V. Fessard, J. M. Fremy, V. Hort, E. Lagrange, et al. Health Risk Assessment Related to Pinnatoxins in French Shellfish. Toxicon 180 (2020): 1-10.

Barre, Léna, Taran Skjerdal, Emilie Brasseur, Georgios T. Papageorgiou, Elena M. Odiatou, Hana Bulawova, Anais Auvolat, et al. Comparison of the Iso Method and Three Modifications of It for the Enumeration of Low Concentrations of Listeria Monocytogenes in Naturally Contaminated Foods. Euroreference 4 (February 2020).

Biré, R., T. Bertin, I. Dom, V. Hort, C. Schmitt, J. Diogène, R. Lemée, L. De Haro, and M. Nicolas. First Evidence of the Presence of Anatoxin-a in Sea Figs Associated with Human Food Poisonings in France. Marine drugs 18, no. 6 (2020).

Bonis, M., and A. Gallet. Risques Pour La Santé Et La Biodiversité Liés À L’utilisation D’un Bioinsecticide Majeur. In « Biocontrôle: Éléments Pour Une Protection Agroécologique Des Cultures », 291-96 Editions QUAE (Inrae), 2020.

Brauge, T., L. Barre, G. Leleu, S. André, C. Denis, A. Hanin, B. Frémaux, et al. European Survey and Evaluation of Sampling Methods Recommended by the Standard EN ISO 18593 for the Detection of Listeria Monocytogenes and Pseudomonas Fluorescens on Industrial Surfaces. FEMS Microbiology Letters 367, n° 7 (2020).

Cointe, A., A. Birgy, A. Bridier-Nahmias, P. Mariani-Kurkdjian, V. Walewski, C. Lévy, R. Cohen, et al. Escherichia Coli O80 Hybrid Pathotype Strains Producing Shiga Toxin and Esbl: Molecular Characterization and Potential Therapeutic Options. The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy 75, no. 3 (2020): 537-42.

Douarre, P. E., L. Mallet, N. Radomski, A. Felten, and M. Y. Mistou. Analysis of Compass, a New Comprehensive Plasmid Database Revealed Prevalence of Multireplicon and Extensive Diversity of Incf Plasmids. Frontiers in Microbiology 11 (2020): 483.

Félix, B., L. Guillier, and Sophie Roussel. Diversité Génétique Des Souches De Listeria Monocytogenes Isolées Dans La Filière Porcine En France. Journal de l'IFIP 16, no. 1 (2020). IFIP

Gerlier, D., and S. Martin-Latil. Persistence of Infectious Sars-Cov-2 on Inert Surfaces and Hand-Mediated Transmission. Virologie 24, n° 3 (2020): 162-64.

Ghosn, M., R. Chekri, C. Mahfouz, G. Khalaf, T. Guérin, R. Amara, and P. Jitaru. Toward a Routine Methodology for Speciation Analysis of Methylmercury in Fishery Products by Hplc Coupled to Icp-Ms Following the Validation Based on the Accuracy Profile Approach. International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry (2020).

Ghosn, M., C. Mahfouz, R. Chekri, G. Khalaf, T. Guérin, P. Jitaru, and R. Amara. Seasonal and Spatial Variability of Trace Elements in Livers and Muscles of Three Fish Species from the Eastern Mediterranean. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2020).

Ghosn, M., C. Mahfouz, R. Chekri, B. Ouddane, G. Khalaf, T. Guérin, R. Amara, and P. Jitaru. Assessment of Trace Element Contamination and Bioaccumulation in Algae (Ulva Lactuca), Bivalves (Spondylus Spinosus) and Shrimps (Marsupenaeus Japonicus) from the Lebanese Coast. Regional Studies in Marine Science 39 (2020).

Guillier, L., M. Gourmelon, S. Lozach, S. Cadel-Six, M. L. Vignaud, N. Munck, T. Hald, and F. Palma. AB_SA: Accessory Genes-Based Source Attribution – Tracing the Source of Salmonella Enterica Typhimurium Environmental Strains. Microbial Genomics 6, n° 7 (2020): 1-10.

Guillier, L., S. Martin-Latil, E. Chaix, A. Thébault, N. Pavio, S. L. Poder, C. Batéjat, et al. Modeling the Inactivation of Viruses from the Coronaviridae Family in Response to Temperature and Relative Humidity in Suspensions or on Surfaces. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 86, n°. 18 (2020).

Hennechart-Collette, C., O. Dehan, A. Fraisse, S. Martin-Latil, and S. Perelle. Evaluation of Three Different Filters and Two Methods for Recovering Viruses from Drinking Water. Journal of Virological Methods 284 (2020).

Hennechart-Collette, C., S. Martin-Latil, A. Fraisse, F. Niveau, and S. Perelle. Virological Analyses in Collective Catering Outbreaks in France between 2012 and 2017. Food Microbiology 91 (2020).

Hort, V., N. Arnich, T. Guérin, G. Lavison-Bompard, and M. Nicolas. First Detection of Tetrodotoxin in Bivalves and Gastropods from the French Mainland Coasts. Toxins 12, n° 9 (2020).

Hort, V., M. Nicolas, A. Travel, C. Jondreville, C. Maleix, E. Baéza, E. Engel, and T. Guérin. Carry-over Assessment of Fumonisins and Zearalenone to Poultry Tissues after Exposure of Chickens to a Contaminated Diet – a Study Implementing Stable-Isotope Dilution Assay and UHPLC-MS/MS. Food Control 107 (2020).

Ingenbleek, L., P. Verger, M. M. Gimou, A. Adegboye, S. B. Adebayo, S. E. Hossou, A. Z. Koné, et al. Human Dietary Exposure to Chemicals in Sub-Saharan Africa: Safety Assessment through a Total Diet Study. The Lancet Planetary Health 4, n° 7 (2020).

Macori, G., A. Bellio, D. M. Bianchi, F. Chiesa, S. Gallina, A. Romano, F. Zuccon, et al. Genome-Wide Profiling of Enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus Aureus Strains Used for the Production of Naturally Contaminated Cheeses. Genes 11, n° 1 (2020).

Mansour, M. N., J. Yaghi, A. El Khoury, A. Felten, M. Y. Mistou, A. Atoui, and N. Radomski. Prediction of Salmonella Serovars Isolated from Clinical and Food Matrices in Lebanon and Genomic-Based Investigation Focusing on Enteritidis Serovar. International Journal of Food Microbiology 333 (2020).

Martin, D., F. Lobo, G. Lavison-Bompard, T. Guérin, and J. Parinet. Effect of Home Cooking Processes on Chlordecone Content in Beef and Investigation of Its by-Products and Metabolites by HPLC-HRMS/MS. Environment International 144 (2020).

Merda, D., A. Felten, N. Vingadassalon, S. Denayer, Y. Titouche, L. Decastelli, B. Hickey, et al. Naura: Genomic Tool to Identify Staphylococcal Enterotoxins in Staphylococcus Aureus Strains Responsible for Foodborne Outbreaks. Frontiers in Microbiology 11 (2020).

Merino, V. R., V. Nakano, S. Delannoy, P. Fach, G. G. F. Alberca, M. J. Farfan, R. M. F. Piazza, and M. J. Avila-Campos. Prevalence of Enteropathogens and Virulence Traits in Brazilian Children with and without Diarrhea. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 10 (2020).

Mourand, G., L. Le Devendec, S. Delannoy, P. Fach, A. Keita, M. Amelot, H. Jaunet, M. E. H. Dia, and I. Kempf. Variations of the Escherichia Coli Population in the Digestive Tract of Broilers. Avian Pathology 49, n° 6 (2020): 678-88.

Munck, N., P. Leekitcharoenphon, E. Litrup, R. Kaas, A. Meinen, L. Guillier, Y. Tang, et al. Four European Salmonella Typhimurium Datasets Collected to Develop Wgs-Based Source Attribution Methods. Scientific Data 7, n° 1 (2020).

Palma, F., T. Brauge, N. Radomski, L. Mallet, A. Felten, M. Y. Mistou, A. Brisabois, L. Guillier, and G. Midelet-Bourdin. Dynamics of Mobile Genetic Elements of Listeria Monocytogenes Persisting in Ready-to-Eat Seafood Processing Plants in France. BMC Genomics 21, n° 1 (2020).

Schwendimann, L., D. Merda, T. Berger, S. Denayer, C. Feraudet-Tarisse, A. Kläui, S. Messio, et al. Staphylococcal Enterotoxin Gene Cluster: Prediction of Enterotoxin Production and of the Source of Food Poisoning Based on Vsaβ Typing. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. (2020).

Sévellec, Y., S. A. Granier, S. Le Hello, F. X. Weill, L. Guillier, M. Y. Mistou, and S. Cadel-Six. Source Attribution Study of Sporadic Salmonella Derby Cases in France. Frontiers in Microbiology 11 (2020).

Sévellec, Yann, Marina Torresi, Benjamin Félix, Féderica Palma, Gabriella Centorotola, Stefano Bilei, Matteo Senese, et al. First Report on the Finding of Listeria Monocytogenes St121 Strain in a Dolphin Brain. Pathogens 9, n° 10 (2020).

Titouche, Y., K. Houali, L. Ruiz-Ripa, N. Vingadassalon, Y. Nia, A. Fatihi, A. Cauquil, et al. Enterotoxin Genes and Antimicrobial Resistance in Staphylococcus Aureus Isolated from Food Products in Algeria. Journal of Applied Microbiology 129, n° 4 (2020): 1043-52.

Zekar, F. M., S. A. Granier, A. Touati, and Y. Millemann. Occurrence of Third-Generation Cephalosporins-Resistant Klebsiella Pneumoniae in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Purchased at Markets in Algeria. Microbial Drug Resistance 26, n° 4 (2020): 353-59.